For many years Bec and Jane have given their time freely and without obligation to anyone who has requested information on their Norman Lindsay works, be that regarding authentication, valuation and history. This demand has increased to the extent where it is affecting our ability earn a living as we seem to have become the unpaid "Norman Lindsay free advice experts" to one and all.

We do not begrudge any single instance, but when it is twenty to thirty times a week, you can perhaps understand the practical need to charge for our time for information consultations.

If you have a Norman Lindsay work you would like more information on, please email us with an image and all details you have including the history of the work (how you came to have it), etc. For an initial charge of AU$88.00, we will give you as much information as we can on your work including sales history of similar works through auction records. In your email, you will need to include credit card details and your card will be charged before your email answered.

If you require a Certificate of Authenticity for an original work, the fee is $165.00. For an additional $33.00 a written valuation is included.

Should your work turn out to be a page out of a book or other reproduction, the charge will still be incurred due to the time spent on research and in giving you the information on it.