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Why we buy art ...

Art is in a class of its own. We buy art for many reasons and for most of us, they are as individual as we are. It could be that we want to enrich our lives, it may inspire us to look at the world from a different perspective, we may want to give our living space more warmth and character, we may want to inspire thought and start a conversation, it may remind us of past events or set goals for us, we may want to express ourselves and make a statement of who we are or we may just love the feeling that art gives us everyday. Often we don't even acknowledge its existence - we walk past it every day and don't even see it. However, once you don't have it, you notice that empty wall every time. Art is purely personal and what you choose to put on the walls of your home or office is a reflection of you. Art is something to enjoy, something to make us happy, something that reflects our personality. Buy what you like. You will not be judged on your choices and whatever you buy, it will inspire and enrich your life enormously. Make a statement with art you love.

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