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Scam Watch at Odana/Bloomfield ... it's a win!

Occasionally we see or are notified by our wonderful clients and friends (thank you!) of fraudulent items for sale appearing on eBay or other sites. Whilst it takes a while for these to be removed after we have submitted an Infringement Notice on each one, we add a post on our Facebook page titled Scam Watch at Odana/Bloomfield. We currently have a Scam Watch listed on Facebook and are waiting for four items to be removed from eBay. They are not only an infringement of Norman Lindsay's etchings but also they are listed as Norman Lindsay Facsimile Etchings. They are being sold by netfold (three for $149.00 and one for $150.00) and are not Norman Lindsay Facsimile Etchings. If you purchase through eBay, please be aware of this seller. I have just been notified by eBay that they have taken down the four items listed by netfold. This is great news as I was told that it would take two days but they have done it already. Excellent result!

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