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Norman Lindsay - Portrait of Pa 2007

2,000 copies printed
216 pages
19.8 x 12.8 cm page size
Author: Jane Lindsay
Publisher: Odana Editions
Softcover, black and white

We had grown up with him operating like a one-man picture factory in the studio across the garden. Etchings, pen drawings, watercolours, oil paintings, novels, ship models, statues, articles and essays were turned out with demoniac abandon …
Jane Lindsay writes about her father, Norman Lindsay, with affection and honesty. Her down to earth attitude to the man people called a genius is as refreshing as it is revealing. As Jane Lindsay said ‘genius is hard to recognise at close quarters’.
She describes the comings and goings of parents, friends and lovers with humour and wry observation of life at Springwood from the 1920s until Lindsay’s death in 1969.

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