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Norman Lindsay: Artful Cats - Fuzz Buzz Affectionately at Toast card

Fuzz Buzz Looking Affectionately at Toast
Blank card with envelope
17.1 x 11.4 cm

Throughout his life, Norman Lindsay was a keen observer of cats. During his last three decades at Springwood, in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, it could be said that he collected cats of all descriptions; many roamed in the sheds, stables, garden and bushland, with a selected few in the house. There was always one very special cat, however, and this was his Studio Cat.

Cats appeared as simple sketches, were included in major paintings or were finished drawings and paintings in their own right. Lindsay's cats were portrayed as real cats or in comic situations where they replicated the best and worst of human attributes. He wrote letters about his cats and painted his cats with love and affection. In all senses of the word, Norman Lindsay was a true cat lover.
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