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Alasdiar McGregor - Wollangambe River I

Wollangambe River I
Screenprint on paper
76.0 x 62.0 cm
Edition: 99
This is the last image available.

The Wollangambe is a favourite haunt of Alasdair's in the northern Blue mountains. Close to Sydney, yet in parts quite remote, it cuts through the extensive Wollangambe wilderness. The river constantly changes character as limpid and turquoise waters flow over shallow sandbars then suddenly turn green, dark and cold as they reach the next narrow cleft of rock.

The Wollangambe River series of screenprints are Alasdair's first efforts in the printmaking medium. Rather than slavishly trying to reproduce painterly effects, the prints depart from the paintings that inspire them. Subtleties of tone and colour are built up in smooth expanse, ideally suited to the subject of the silent, gliding river.
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