Norman Lindsay - Fallen Angel woodblock

Fallen Angel
8.4 x 5.7 cm
Printed from the original woodblock by Josef Lebovic in 1995

The woodblock Fallen Angel was printed as the heading on Norman Lindsay's essay 'The Inevitable Future', published in Art in Australia, February 1922. Written only four years after the end of World War I, Norman's long essay was remarkably prescient in forecasting wars to come, with weapons undreamed of in 1922. Following are a few of his thoughts:
Do not be deceived by ... a brotherhood of nations ... Today we have only touched at man's capacity for destruction ... Tomorrow he will throw battalions across the air ... and generate a power that will wipe out cities at a flash ... he will cultivate disease bacilli which will depopulate whole countries ... France, having lost her good conscience by easily extorted wealth, will again be beaten flat by Germany ... Commercial enmity between Japan and America ... will involve the whole Pacific in a special Hell ...

The woodblock represents the angel as civilisation which is being overcome by a dark, evil force. At the conclusion of the essay, however, another woodblock shows the angel ascendant and so the essay ends on a note of hope for mankind. Fallen Angel, despite its size, is a powerful and prophetic image.

Fallen Angel was originally printed in 1922.
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